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Children in Our World: Poverty and Hunger

How do poverty and hunger affect people?

What is poverty and hunger? How do they affect people in countries all over the world?. The beautifully illustrated non-fiction “Poverty and Hunger” is part of the The Children in Our World picture book series and helps children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

With relatable comparisons, carefully researched text and striking illustrations, children can begin to understand what poverty and hunger are, how they affect people in countries all over the world and how readers can help those affected.


This book is suitable for children between 5 and 8 years of age.

Poverty and Hunger discusses the questions “What is poverty and hunger? How do they affect people?”. It helps children begin to understand the way others struggle with these issues and learn about ways they can help. Where issues are not appropriate to describe in words, award-winning illustrator Hanane Kai uses a deft hand to create powerful illustrations that help children visualize the people impacted by poverty, hunger, war, racism, and more. All of the images are sensitively rendered and perfectly suited for younger children. This book is ideal for tying into discussions on food, wealth and current affairs.

Louise Spilsbury is a prolific children’s book author. She has written titles on almost every subject, from science and geography through to world affairs, social issues, art, history, and literacy. Louise is married to the author Richard Spilsbury and has two children. She lives and works in Devon.

Hanane Kai is a Lebanese based illustrator and graphic designer. She first ventured off as a graphic designer before pursuing her love for illustration and image creation. Hanane’s work draws on her fondness for folklore and cultures, and her love for tactical mixed with digital. Hanane aspires to create emotionally impactful imagery that leave her audience with a certain feeling or message, and that leaves her younger audience with food for thought and inspiration.

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