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Charlie Merrick's Misfits

Can Charlie’s football team win? Perhaps by a miracle!

Charlie and his friends are passionate football players, unfortunately they are not successful. Charlie’s big dream of taking part in the World Cup Finals gets more and more unrealistic until he can make a new player, Jack, join his team. Jack desperately wants to get a date with Charlie’s sister. Charlie puts him off and his team finally advances further. But then Charlie’s lie leaks out and the team loses without its new player.

Is the dream of winning the World Cup Finals definitely over? But Charlie has an idea: On the one hand it is about to bring victory for his team in the next match, but on the other hand it will have terrible consequences for the friendship with his best friend. Now what?


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 11 years of age.

Dave Cousins completed his first novel in the back of a van, while touring with his band. His short story “The Floodlight Man” was broadcast on BBC Radio Five Live, and an extract from “15 Days Without a Head” was one of the winning stories featured in the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices Anthology in 2010. Originally from Birmingham, Dave now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and family, in a house full of books and records, and writes in a corner of the attic with an anarchic ginger cat for Company.

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