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What is really important in Holly’s life? Cassie knows the answer!

Holly is stressed out when her cousin Cassie comes to stay. Cassie suffers from cerebral palsy, therefore she is not able to speak. She can only scream and move uncontrollably. The only one who can approach her in a normal way is Holly’s friend Amy. Cassie doesn’t feel well in the new surroundings. She doesn’t feel well either during the admission interview at her new school. Everything is different and she misses her father.

One day Holly is surprisingly invited to a shopping spree by Demi and her clique. But it turns out to be a terrible experience. Moreover, when she has to witness how gorgeous Ralph McDonald runs Cassie down during a visit to the cinema, Holly’s attitude towards her classmates and Cassie changes. And when Cassie is finally able to express her feelings towards Holly by means of a computer, Holly knows exactly what she has to do!


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

Barry Jonsberg’s young adult novels, The Whole Business with Kiffo and the Pitbull and It’s Not All About YOU, Calma! were short-listed for the Children’s Book Council Book of the Year, Older Readers, awards. It’s Not All About YOU, Calma! also won the Adelaide Festival Award for Children’s Literature, Dreamrider was short-listed in the NSW Premier’s Awards for the Ethel Turner prize and Cassie (Girlfriend Fiction) was short-listed for the Children’s Peace Literature Award. Being Here won the QLD Premier’s Young Adult Book Award 2011 and was short-listed for the 2012 Prime Minister’s award.

Barry lives in Darwin with his family. His books have been published in the US, the UK, France, Poland, Germany and China.

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