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How is Stan to get back his treasured hat? He desperately needs an idea!

When a foreign snowman shows up in Freezeland, Little Snowman Stan realizes at once that something is amiss. The foreign snowman doesn’t wear a hat! When sad Dmitri tells him that the wind tore his hat off in a snow storm and that it is lost for ever now, Stan lends him his own hat for some days. But without a hat on his head Stan feels rather strange. Anyway, when thinking about poor Dmitri, he immediately feels better.

However, Dmitri doesn’t want to return Stan’s hat. Disappointed, he seeks counsel of wise and old snowman Alfred. Unfortunately, not even Alfred and the other snowmen know what to do about it. But suddenly Stan has a wonderful idea!


This book is suitable for children over 5 years old.

Guido van Genechten is an illustrator and the author of several bestselling children’s books, including “Because I Love You So Much,” ” The Big Baby Book,” ” The Big Eating Book,” ” The Big Sleep Book,” ” Little Kangaroo,” ” Little Snowman Stan,” ” Mommies and Their Babies,” ” No Ghost Under My Bed,” and the Ricky series. He is the winner of the “Reader’s Digest” Award for Best Children’s Books Illustrator and the Picture Book of the Year in Holland.

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