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Brotherhood of Thieves - The Wardens (Book 01)

How is Caspan to stop the brutal Roon? With some help from his magical warden!

When Caspan is caught stealing he can only evade judgement by taking part in a competition of a secret brotherhood. The tasks of its members include defending the kingdom against the huge and dangerous Roon army together with the magical wardens. To summon them they need a magical key and so they become the guardians of the wardens.

On a trip with their wardens the members of the brotherhood and their instructor Master Morgan come across a big war galley of the Roon. In the royal stronghold the recruits and Master Morgan try to mobilize troops, but the Roon are not easy to beat. The reason for this is that a traitor is inside the stronghold to kill the king, his son and the members of the brotherhood in order to seize power.


This book is suitable for young adults aged 13 and 17.

Stuart Daly is a History teacher in a private high school in Sydney. Stuart is the author of The Witch Hunter Chronicles for young adult readers, an epic tale of witch hunting and demon slaying set in the seventeenth century. His new series, Brotherhood of Thieves, is an action-packed fantasy series for middle grade readers about a secret order of treasure hunters. Stuart lives in Sydney with his wife and three children.

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