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Broken Soup

Where does an unknown boy get a photo of Rowan’s late brother? Rowan looks for an answer to this question!

When an unknown boy in a shop gives a photographic negative to Rowan, it is hardly possible to see anything in it apart from an open mouth in a happy face. At once Rowan is reminded of her cheerful brother, Jack, who died two years ago. After Jack’s death her father moved away and her mom has sunk into depression. So it is left up to Rowan to care for her little sister and her mother.

Bee, whom she has met only briefly, offers her to develop the photo. Rowan’s heart skips a beat when she looks at it. It is no other than Jack who can be seen there. But how did the boy in the shop come by this negative? When Rowan happens to meet the boy again, an avalanche of events is kicked off, Rowan has not figured on.


This book is suitabel for readers aged 11 and 16.

Jenny Valentine studied English Literature at Goldsmiths College, which almost put her off reading but not quite. In 2007, Jenny won the Guardian Prize for Children’s Fiction with her debut novel Finding Violet Park. Her second novel, Broken Soup, was published in 2008. In 2009 Jenny was chosen as a World Book Day contributor and wrote the short story Ten Stations, which featured some of the characters from Finding Violet Park. Her third teenage novel, The Ant Colony was also published. Later the same year, she published her first book for younger readers, Iggy and Me, short stories featuring the antics of two sisters.

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