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Why is Bogtrotter unhappy? Maybe because his life is empty without friends!

bogtrotter1Every morning Bogtrotter leaves his cave in the muddy, swampy bog to trudge up and down and all around the bog before going home again. He does this day by day, year after year, but Bogtrotter gets more and more unhappy. When a frog asks him why he keeps on trudging instead of starting something new, he hasn’t got an answer to this question. Suddenly he spots a yellow flower under his toes. After picking, touching and sniffing at the flower, he runs off as usual.

bogtrotter2But this very evening Bogtrotter realizes that his life has changed somehow. He meets a family of muskrats, swings from branch to branch, makes a flower chain, has fun with a duck family, dances in the rain, slides down a tree, picks grasses for his flower vase and allows himself some breaks. But, nevertheless, he feels a certain longing in his heart. And when he finally dares to leave his bog and enter unknown territory, he discovers something wonderful!



This book is suitable for children over 3 years old.

This loveable story deals with having nerve enough to explore new avenues and discover new places. By doing so, it is perhaps possible to overcome one’s loneliness and rediscover the joys of life.

Margaret Wild has written more than seventy books and has been published around the world. Her numerous awards and distinctions include the Children’s Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year Award for Jenny Angel, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas, The Very Best of Friends, illustrated by Julie Vivas, and Fox, illustrated by Ron Brooks. In 2008 she received the Nan Chauncy Award for an outstanding contribution to children’s literature in Australia. Margaret has three titles in the Walker Classics series: Going Home and A Bit of Company, both illustrated by Wayne Harris, and Let the Celebrations Begin!, illustrated by Julie Vivas.

Judith Rossell worked as a government scientist (not a mad scientist, a normal kind of scientist), for a cotton spinning company (which made threads for t-shirts and tea bags), and studied textile design in Scotland before becoming a full-time author and illustrator. She has illustrated or written nearly a hundred children’s books, including some by such internationally bestselling authors as Garth Nix and Jackie French.

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