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Bet Your Life

Can an accident have also been an attempted murder? Jess has to find out by all means!

In Port Sentinel a seriously injured teenager is found. Jess tries to detect how this accident has come to pass. By doing so, she meets more opposition than thought before. Apparently, Seb Dawson, the crash victim, has not been very popular. Especially the female teenagers get more and more nervous during Jess’s investigations.

Then, Jess gets vague information which draw her attention to Seb’s clique and his friend Harry. Finally, Lily, Amanda and Ruth tell her what had happened to Seb before the accident and that he called someone to help him on his mobile phone. Is the person who picked Seb up later the offender? Maybe one of Seb’s friends knows which mobile number Lily was given by Seb some time ago. When trying to find this out, Jess runs into greatest danger!


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

Born and brought up in Dublin, Jane Casey studied English at Jesus College, Oxford, followed by an MPhil in Anglo-Irish Literature at Trinity College, Dublin. She was working as a children’s books editor when her manuscript for her first book, The Missing, was discovered on her agent’s slush pile. She was signed-up by Ebury Press shortly afterwards, and The Missing has since been published around the world. Jane is married to a criminal barrister and lives in south-west London.

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