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Bears on Chairs: Book and Toy Gift Set

How can Big Brown Bear find a seat? By means of a good idea!

Bears_on_Chairs1Four little bears have found four empty chairs. But Big Brown Bear wants to have a seat, too, as his toes hurt and his feet feel heavy. But Big Brown Bear is too big to share a seat and so one of the little bears instantly falls from the chair. Maybe moving the chairs could help?

But now two little bears fall to the ground when they want to sit down next to Big Brown Bear. Now what? Suddenly one of the little bears has the perfect idea!


This book is suitable for children between 1 and 3 years of age.

Shirley Parenteau lives in Northern California with her family. Shirley`s picture book series beginning with BEARS ON CHAIRS has been called a classic in making and found, amongst others, an enthusiastic audience with Japanese Readers.

David Walker spends most of his time focused on illustrating children’s books, greeting cards, and designing kid’s fabrics.

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