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Art Lab for Little Kids

Painting with sprayflasks is a breeze! More on this in this book!

Art_Lab_for_Little_Kids1How can you draw with marbles? What is op art? How do you craft a piñata? In this book you will find 52 great ideas for painting, printing, drawing, crafting, etc. Before you start you should inform yourselves about the materials and techniques and how to prepare the ideal work place.

On the pages you will not only come upon coloured photos, material lists and step-by-step instructions, but also tips for different age groups and ideas for additional craft projects. On each page you will also get to know an artist and one of his art works made in the same technique as suggested on the corresponding page. Moreover, you will find artistic inspiration from all over the world. Have fun!


This book is suitable for children between 4 and 6 years of age.

Susan Schwake is an art instructor in her own art school, where she has created her own curriculum. Her vision to teach and share art on her own terms has grown into artstream studios, which includes a contemporary gallery, an adjunct teaching staff of three, workshops and retreats most every day of the year, and their own full media design firm. She lives in Rochester, NY.

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