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Explore the world of animals by means of this beautiful book!

Animalium1How many animal species do exist in the world? How does the Tree of Animal Life look like? Which species are there? In this book full of exceptionally beautiful illustrations and exciting information you can get to know various species of animals as if you were in the different departments of a  museum. Each chapter in this book deals with a different animal class.



Animalium2You can see animals from prehistoric and contemporary times, tiny and giant species as well as dangerous and non-threatening  ones. Short and fascinating texts inform you about the animals‘ looks, which phyla are related to each other, their different development, their abilities and habitats from the beginning of prehistoric times until today. The illustrations are numbered and marked in alphabetical order.



This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 12 years of age.

Jenny Broom (author) studied Fine Art at the Slade before becoming a writer and editor of children’s books. She lives and works in London. Her previous works include Walk This World and other picture book Texts.

Katie Scott (illustrator)
 studied illustration at Brighton before moving to London. Her clients include Feuilleton, The New York Times and Nobrow and her album cover for Bombay Cycle Club was nominated for ‘Best Album Artwork’ at the NME Awards, 2012.

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