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Aliens Ate My Homework

How can Rod catch the biggest intergalactic criminal of all times? A plan is required!

When suddenly discovering a tiny space ship which has landed in his room, strangely enough, Rod doesn’t think about running away. Something cool like this he will probably never experience again! He would love to talk about the Galactic Patrol, but nobody except him is allowed to learn about their mission: The aliens search for a dangerous criminal feared all over the universe.

Rod gets to know that this wanted criminal is one of his classmates. But, for now, the agents are not able to transform their space ship into its original size to perform the operation alone and so they need Rod’s assistance.


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 12 years of age.

Bruce Coville was born in Syracuse, New York. Bruce grew up around the corner from his grandparents’ dairy farm, where he spent a great deal of time as a child. Bruce has published over 100 books, which have appeared in over a dozen countries around the world and sold more than sixteen million copies. Among his most popular titles are MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN, INTO THE LAND OF THE UNICORNS, and THE MONSTER’S RING. In 2001 he founded Full Cast Audio, an audiobook company dedicated to creating unabridged, full cast recordings of the best in children’s and young adult literature.

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