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A Spoonful of Secrets - Best Friends' Bakery (02)

How can Hannah help her friend Mia? Maybe by a fantastic recipe!

The Sugar and Spice Bakery of Hannah’s mother has become an insider’s tip. Business is good and Hannah has found a true friend in Mia, who also indulges in baking and cupcakes. But suddenly Mia starts to behave strangely and tries to fit in with the cool girls of her class. Hannah goes to great lengths not to lose her best friend. But this is easier said than done!

Haughty George, the tennis champion, is another mystery for Hannah. If things don’t revolve around tennis, Hannah gets down well with George. Apparently, she is the only one who knows, that George is unhappy because he has no time for other things but tennis. How can she help George and prevent Mia from making a fool of herself in the eyes of the cool girls at School?


This book is suitable for readers aged 9 and 12.

Linda Chapman is the million-copy-selling author of such series as My Secret Unicorn, Stardust, Skating School, Not Quite a Mermaid and Loving Spirit. Linda lives in Leicestershire with her husband, two daughters and their three Dogs.

Kate Hindley is a children’s book illustrator living and working in Birmingham, UK. Her first picture book illustrations appeared in The Great Snortle Hunt.


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