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A Home for Hare and Mouse

Where do Hare and Mouse find a new home? Look for yourselves!

a_home_for_hare_and_mouse2Hare and little Mouse are searching together for a new home. But in the high grass, between the soft leaves or in the old tree hole, they do not exactly find what they are looking for. The fox, the hedgehog family and the owl with her little ones have already made themselves at home there.

Tiredly, the two friends keep on searching in the darkness until they reach a cave. There, a bear is sitting by the fire roasting chestnuts. ‘We are looking for a home’, Hare says sadly. Who would have thought that? In the friendly bear’s cave there is enough space for everyone. Now Hare and Mouse have also found a home which is warm and cozy.


This book is suitable for children over 2 years old.

In this book, together with Hare and Mouse, kids can begin to search for their new home and to look into different dens. As this book is fitted with loopholes, the tension is gently rising and you don’t have to wait long for a good ending of the story.

Rosalinda Kightly was born in north London. She did a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and after a couple of years freelance was taken on as Junior Designer at Walker Books. Eventually she was commissioned to illustrate her first series of baby board books and has been painting, drawing, cutting and gluing ever since, apart from time off to produce 3 great children!

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