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Christa_Robbers_Kids_Best_Books To begin with I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Christa Robbers and I am the owner of Kids Best Books, the web portal for children‘s and young adult books, presenting particularly recommendable books for children, teens and young adults for ages 1 – >17. Naturally, my recommendations are equally intended for parents, grandparents, pedagogs and other visitors.

I live in a medium-sized town in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany’s most populous federal state. As the chairwoman of the booster club for the local library, I actively take part in events hosted by the Cultural Office NRW – be it the Summer Reading Club or campaign days for elementary school pupils. Moreover, I have been on the jury of various local reading contests for many years. I also lead book presentations and seminars on reading promotion and literature in libraries, schools and other educational institutions. Since 2007 I have been writing book recommendations for children‘s and young adult books for a regional daily newspaper in Germany.

Being a certified social pedagog, I have repeatedly noticed when talking to parents, teachers and pedagogs, that the demand for a qualified counseling and recommendation for children‘s and young adult books is quite high. In my web portal I present the latest books and approved ones for children, teens and young adults – nonfictional books, primers, readers, novels as well as picture books. Besides, I add useful tips and information related to the corresponding books. I am supported by our friendly cat, who helps all visitors to navigate through our sites, eagerly catching tips in his butterfly net!

My web portal does not claim to present all recent publications. The books suggested are rather books which are not necessarily found on bestseller lists or in the book stores. There are lots of beautiful books, but the presented books were chosen by me because of their illustration, layout, language or a special topic. And these books are worth discovering!

Have fun delving among my selected books

Kind regards

Christa Robbers

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